Pre-k Curriculum

I follow The Habitat Schoolhouse curriculum! It's fun, full of creativity, hands on and easy to follow along. Parents will receive an overview every two weeks of what we'll be covering during those two weeks. Each child will receive a workbook of their own. Each section last roughly 8 weeks. At the end of each section kids will take their workbooks home to keep! This curriculum is FUN! Your children will not look at it as 'work', gaurenteed!



Written by Charolette Viau

Our dream is that you dare to dream big and move mountains. Our hope that through our wholesome home school curriculum you are able to provide the best education for your child. 

We thrive to create a positive attitude about learning and education as well as encourage an interest in nature.


What Is Covered In This Curriculum?

This curriculum is designed to: 

• Create a positive attitude about learning and education

• Develope a love for stories and books

• Learn the letters of the alphabet

• Increase vocabulary

• Encourage an interest in nature 

• Introduce structure and a healthy learning environment 

• Learn shape and number recognition

• Develop healthy habits

• Create a well rounded student who's ready to start kindergarten